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The Matrix is coming back for a fifth movie

The last 'Matrix' movie was essentially a warning against corporations sucking the life out of iconic pieces of destructive intellectual property But Warner Bros. Discovery is already back on track.
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Google promises to destroy browsing data to settle 'incognito' lawsuit

Google promises to destroy browsing data in settlement of lawsuit accusing the company of influencing the browsing habits of users who thought they were surfing the Internet As part of this, billions of records will be deleted. Track your internet privately and properly.
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Spider conversations deciphered using machine learning and contact microphones

Arachnids are natural dancers. After millions of years of evolution, many species rely on fancy footwork to communicate everything from courtship rituals to territory fights to hunting strategies. Researchers typically observe these movements in the laboratory using so-called laser vibrometers. After the tool's light beam is directed at the target, the vibrometer measures the tiny vibration frequency and amplitude caused by the Doppler shift effect. Unfortunately, the cost and sensitivity of such systems often limit their use in the field.
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